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Welcome to Kuku's Interactive Picture Dictionary!

In this dictionary, children can explore a wide variety of themes from everyday life and recognise and learn more than 1400 words in two foreign languages – Slovene and French. The dictionary covers 42 themes which have been divided into six chapters:

The dictionary is intended for children of four years and upwards. It offers greater challenges to older children as through combining various languages they will learn words in different levels. Younger children will first explore the dictionary in their native language and with help from adults. The required choice of two languages enables a lighthearted first contact with foreign languages. Through interactive observation and the descriptive attractive illustrations, children are able to quickly learn and remember new words.

In addition to being a first step to learning a foreign language, the use of the interactive picture dictionary encourages the development of computer literacy. Children who are already learning a foreign language will first tackle the tasks with the instructions in their native language; once they have this mastered they can also try the tasks in a foreign language. They can also begin exploring a language with which they are not familiar on an independent level.

All the words in the chosen foreign language are equipped with soundtracks that enable children to become acquainted with correct pronunciation, which is of key importance when learning a foreign language.

If a child chooses , he/she explores the words in the theme and can also listen to them . If he/she chooses , he/she can select from a wide variety of interesting interactive tasks, which are designed to facilitate the memorisation of words and maintain a child's attention.

In addition to learning a foreign vocabulary, the tasks from these groups help develop a child's attention and the abilities of precise observation and searching for detail.

In these groups of tasks, and in each of the themes, a child searches for, recognises, names or translates words into, or from, a foreign language. Each task has been prepared in such a way that it confirms the correctness of a child's solution, or he is helped by if unable to solve it correctly.

The dictionary has been designed so that along with the learning of new words it also encourages the recognition of letters (Alphabet theme, use of the word index ...). The richly illustrated themes encourage children to describe and narrate the pictures, which are important skills for their language development. They can also try out their skills of description and narration in a foreign language.

The dictionary is suitable for individual use as it enables children to work at their own pace of word recognition. For those who enjoy exploring online, the content offers quality and playful use of the computer.

The dictionary is also suitable for use in groups in nursery school, in the classroom or in language courses. In schools it is a welcome aid to learning a first or second foreign language and is suitable for cross-curricular integration of the mother tongue with learning a first or second foreign language, as well as integration with information literacy.